Appliance & Domestic Limited Standard Pricing and Service Levels for Appliance Plans

Kitchen AppliancesMonthlyQuarterly
1 Appliance£9.00£24.00
2 Appliances£13.00£36.00
3 Appliances£16.00£43.75
4 Appliances£19.00£51.00
5 Appliances£21.00£57.00
TV AppliancesMonthlyQuarterly
1 TV£9.00£24.00
2 TVs£16.00£39.00
3 TVs£20.00£50.00
4 TVs£24.00£60.00
5 TVs£28.00£67.50

Bespoke plans are also available on request by calling us on our Freephone number: 0800 644 6228.

If your machine is broken before you take our plan, we offer our Repair & Protect service, which carries the following additional premium:

Product List:

American Fridge Freezer – £150
Condenser Dryer – £139
Cooker – £115
Dishwasher – £115
Extractor Hood – £89
Freezer – £95
Fridge – £119
Hob – £115
Microwave Oven – £89
Oven – £105
Range Cooker – £175
Television – £165
Tumble Dryer – £129
Vacuum Cleaner – £95
Washer Dryer – £139
Washing Machine – £139

Service Levels

Appliance & Domestic will work quickly and efficiently to ensure your appliance is taken care of as quickly as possible. We will respond to your request for assistance within 24 hours, and usually have an engineer to you the next working day, or any subsequent working day of your choice.

We will usually use your local, Brand specific engineer, to make sure we get to you as quickly as possible.

If your appliance needs to be replaced, we will find a direct replacement or find the new equivalent model for you. We expect to have your replacement model fitted within a week of the engineer visit, most replacements are delivered to you within 3 working days. In certain circumstances where the exact make and model is not available and you don’t want an alternative from our list of stock options, this lead time can increase for obvious reasons. We’re yet to not find a suitable solution to any of our customers’ replacement needs though.