Refund Policy

All of our plans have a non-refundable cancelation fee of £25.

We will refund the full amount (minus the cancellation fee) if; We receive a cancellation in writing within 14 days of receipt of your welcome letter; to our address at Appliance & Domestic, Top Floor, 2-4 Park St, Bristol, BS1 5HS ; or by email to: or by phone on 0800 644 6227.

If the service is deemed to have been miss-sold in any way. Any complaint regarding miss-selling will be subject to investigation by our Quality Assurance team. We reserve the right to provide transcript evidence from call recordings and from statements gathered by the members of the sales team involved.

We will refund the agreed amount within 7 days, either by BACS transfer or by cheque in the post to the address confirmed on the cancellation method.

If the customer cancels their policy after this time, we reserve the right to apply the minimum term agreed in the plan.