-These terms and conditions constitute your service plan


-Call us on our free phone number 0800 644 6227. Please note that calls may be recorded and monitored.


-We are open 9am – 8pm Monday to Friday, 11am to 6pm on Saturday (excl Public Holidays) and we are responsive to voicemails 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


-You can write to us at: Appliance & Domestic, Top Floor, 2-4 Park St, Bristol, BS1 5HS


-You may cancel your service plan within 14 days from the posting of your service plan documentation by writing to us at: Appliance & Domestic, Top Floor, 2-4 Park St, Bristol, BS1 5HS . Or by emailing us at customercare@applianceanddomestic.co.uk or by telephone on 0800 644 6227. If we cancel the plan (as we retain the right to do so at any time) cancellation will be effective immediately and you will not be entitled to a rebate of any plan fee paid to us.

-Cancellations made after the 14 day grace period will be liable to a minimum 12 month service fee. All appliances listed will remain covered for the full 12 months from the date of your agreement.

If the service is deemed to have been mis-sold in any way. Any complaint regarding mis-selling will be subject to investigation by our Quality Assurance team. We reserve the right to provide transcript evidence from call recordings and from statements gathered by the members of the sales team involved.


  1. We can send an engineer to try and repair Your Appliance
  2. We will service Your Appliance at the agreed frequency
  3. We offer free advice on our Customer Care Helpline – 0800 644 6227
  4. We may replace Your Appliance with the same or similar specification Appliance.
  5. We may decide to offer you a monetary contribution towards a new Appliance should you agree.


-You will be able to contact any of our team on our free phone helpline facility. This is available 9am – 8pm Monday to Friday, 11am-6pm Saturday and our out of hours’ service is available outside of these hours.

-The helpline is available for general advice on how to use Your Appliance and if you have a problem with Your Appliance

-Wherever possible, we will try and resolve any Appliance issues over the telephone, to try to get the most out of Your Appliance


-This plan is not categorised as an insurance product and therefore insurance regulation does not apply. This plan is a contract of services and is governed by UK laws and regulations concerning service contracts.


If we are unable to resolve a problem with Your Appliance over the telephone, we can offer the following discretionary benefits:

  1. We can send an engineer to try and repair Your Appliance
  2. We may replace Your Appliance with the same or similar specification Appliance.

If we provide a discretionary benefit under this service plan, we may collect Your faulty Appliance at any time. It may not be returned if a replacement is issued to You. If we replace Your Appliance and do not take Your Faulty Appliance away, you will be responsible for disposing of it at your own cost.

Please note that this is not a contract of insurance and any benefits provided in this section are at the sole and absolute discretion of Appliance & Domestic.


The following are excluded from your service plan:

  1. Faults due to a known generic manufacturing defect;
  2. Faults arising from your Appliance being modified in a manner which is not authorised by the manufacturer including but not limited to any upgrade or the addition of non-approved accessories;
  3. Appliances that have been recalled by the manufacturer;
  4. Faults relating to a reduction in image retention on LCD screens, plasma or projection TV screen;
  5. Any fault or damage which has been caused, directly or indirectly, by faults with the domestic supply of electricity;
  6. Replacement of any consumables that are intended to be replaceable such as fuses, batteries, bulbs etc;
  7. Cosmetic damage or accidental damage;
  8. Damage to loss of programmes or media saved to storage devices;
  9. Any appliance or home electrical item that isn’t listed on your Schedule. Please make sure you check the Schedule and contact us if there are any inaccuracies within 14 days of the date of the letter.
  10. Any costs or loss of earnings which are incurred as a result of not being able to use your Appliance or costs arising from waiting for a courier or engineer;
  11. Appliances which were not working in accordance with the manufacturers specification before you took out your Service Plan;
  12. Pre-existing faults or any fault that occurs within the first 45 days of your plan; Please note that any claim for a fault made within the first 45 days of the plan will be deemed pre-existing and noted duly for the term of your plan and as such cannot be claimed against;
  13. Excess charge for a claim within the first 90 days of your plan. For appliances/televisions with a value of under £399 the claim excess is £50. For appliances/televisions with a purchase price of £399 or over the claim excess is £100. Excess charges are payable prior to an engineer being assigned to the repair.
  14. Public/Bank Holiday call out fee of £75;
  15. Any damage to property or personal injury;
  16. Any repairs that We have not authorised or repairs not carried out by one of Our approved engineers.


We are committed to providing You with the highest standard of service and customer care We are able, but we do realise that there may be occasions when You feel that You had expected. Should You have any cause for complaint about any aspect of the service We provide under Your Service Plan, please contact us at Appliance & Domestic, Top Floor, 2-4 Park St, Bristol, BS1 5HS, and we will do our best to resolve your issue.


If we are prevented from providing services under Your Service Plan because of an unusual or unforeseeable event or circumstance beyond Our reasonable control (‘Force Majeure’), We shall not be in breach of this agreement. Force Majeure events include, but are not limited to, war, threat of war, riot, civil disturbance or strife, terrorist activity (actual or threatened), industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, flood, major adverse weather conditions, acts of God and failures of Our subcontractors to perform their obligations.


If we decide, at our sole and absolute discretion, to send an engineer We will use all reasonable efforts to ensure that Our engineer visits Your property on the agreed date. However, occasionally, due to circumstances outside Our control, we may be unable to get an engineer to attend Your property on the agreed date. If this happens, We will contact You as soon as reasonably practicable and agree an alternative date. If you are unable to allow Our engineer to access Your property on the agreed date, You should contact us as soon as is reasonably practicable (and in any such event on the day preceding such date) to arrange an alternative date.


You can expect your new appliance to be delivered within 5 days from the order date.


Our 2 main suppliers for the delivery are Currys and Argos. You will be made aware, at the time of the order, who will be making the delivery and also the time slot that has been allocated.


We can, at any time and after taking a fair and reasonable view, make changes to Your Service Plan to take into account and changes (affecting Us or Your Service Plan) in law, regulation, or the interpretation of law or regulation. If any one or more of the provisions of these conditions of Your Service Plan is / are held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining conditions of Your Service Plan shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby. Please ensure that when you call to request a service from us you have the model number of Your Appliance available. Please note that non-payment of Your Plan Fee on its due date(s) will invalidate Your Service Plan. For details of Your Plan Fee due date(s), please refer to Your Service Plan Schedule.


If, at our sole discretion, we decide to repair Your Appliance, we will re-perform any repair free of any charge if the same fault recurs within 90 days following Our return to You or Your Repaired Appliance. This guarantee however, will not apply if the same Appliance defect occurs as a result of:

  1. Wilful damage;
  2. Your use of Your Appliance otherwise than in accordance with the user instructions
  3. Any tampering with, or alteration of, the Appliance by anyone other than Us;
  4. A fault in any other appliance, such as (without limitation) a hot water system to which Your Appliance is connected.

This guarantee will also not apply if you do not report the fault within 90 days following Our return of Your Appliance to You. This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. If you prefer, you may rely on your statutory rights rather than make a service request under Our guarantee.


We shall use and safeguard your personal details in accordance with the Data Protection legislation. You have the right to ask for a copy of the information We hold about You (We may charge a small fee). If you find at time that any of the information We hold about You is incorrect then You should promptly notify Us and We will correct the inaccuracy. We may use your personal details to inform you of any other products and / or services. If you would rather not receive any such communications, please write to us at Appliance & Domestic, Top Floor, 2-4 Park St, Bristol, BS1 5HS .


Appliance & Domestic Limited is a company registered in England and Wales. Company Reg. 10389290 and VAT


ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE: Physical damage or some other event as a result of a sudden, unforeseen and unintended cause which stops your appliance from working properly.
APPLIANCE: Your appliance(s) as shown on Your Plan Schedule.
BREAK DOWN: A mechanical or electrical fault, which stops your Appliance from working properly.
DIAGNOSIS: The diagnosis of the actual problem with your Appliance either through our free phone helpline facility, or an onsite visit by one of our engineers.
MAINTENANCE SERVICE: We will provide instructions on how to perform routine maintenance, cleaning and servicing of your Appliance upon your request.
SERVICE PLAN FEE: The fee you pay for our service plan.
SERVICE PLAN PERIOD: The period during which your Service Plan is in force as shown on your Service Plan Schedule.
WE, US, OUR: Appliance & Domestic, the provider of your service plan.
YOU AND YOUR: You, our customer and the individual named in Your Plan Schedule