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What our customers are saying

Our oven had been on the blink for a while, and finally packed up just at the wrong moment (obviously!). It’s not a very expensive model, so we really weren’t sure whether the best thing was to try to repair it or get a new one. 

I’m glad we chose the repair option – the engineer (nice chap) was there on the same day, and he could tell straight away what the problem was – one replaced switch and we were back in business – much cheaper than replacement!

Michelle H, Surrey

This was dead handy, tumble drier wasn’t working properly (things coming out as wet as when they went in), so I knew I needed to get it looked at.

When i spoke to adam [customer service representative] he arranged for a guy to come out and sort it, and when i mentioned we’d got a problem with one of our elec hob rings as a well (not a big deal but a bit of a pain), he added that onto the job and we got both sorted at once. Def cheaper and quicker than doing them separately.

Jon A, Stockport

We’d spoken to a local repair guy about our washing machine, and the call out charge alone was going to be £80 – just didn’t seem worth it when I googled how much a new one would be.

I thought i’d give Appliance [and Domestic] a go though because of the no call-out charge thing – I thought maybe this would just make the repairs more expensive, but it wasn’t at all – certainly cheaper than it would have been with the other guy, and fixed the next day.

Kayley S, North Shields

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